Ubuntu is for Nerds, Too

infact [sic] ubuntu [sic] is for the mass [sic] and not for pros [sic] — Fabioamd87, Ubuntu Brainstorm

Ubuntu is the Linux distribution that I suggest to new users but in my interactions with the Ubuntu community, I am concerned by the growing “anti-advanced-user” mentality. And I’m not the only one, one of my friends switched to OpenSUSE, advising me to do the same: “Ubuntu is not for you.”

Now, you may be wondering why an advanced user would want to use an “easy” Linux distrobution like Ubuntu. The fact of the matter is that, just because I could, doesn’t mean I want to compile everything by hand. That’s not to say that there aren’t alternatives; I could run SUSE, Gentoo, Debian, et cetera… But I like Ubuntu and would really hate to have to stop using Ubuntu because of something like this.

So, I suppose, the logical next thing to point out is how is this “anti-advanced-user” mentality manifesting itself in the actual software? It’s difficult to see because, in comparison to Mac and Windows, Ubuntu is great for advanced users. But when one starts using other Linux distributions, they begin to notice that Ubuntu is falling behind. Furthermore, this is a trend so one needs to consider not only how it is now, but how it will be in the future.

The problem is self-magnifying: Ubuntu chases off advanced users, they aren’t there to represent themselves. Ubuntu chases off advanced users….

So what can be done to fix the problem? First of all and most importantly, this mentality needs to be fixed: The Ubuntu users who feel that advanced users shouldn’t benefit from Ubuntu need to understand that both beginner and advanced users can use the same Linux distribution and in fact benefit from sharing the same distribution. This will lead to many of the other problems fixing them selves. On the other hand, advanced users need to start giving and promoting suggestions instead of just walking away.

The problem is small right now. Let’s keep it that way.

The Linux community is splintered enough.



4 Responses to “Ubuntu is for Nerds, Too”

  1. Fabioamd87 Says:

    Hi and tanks for quoted my brainstorm comment.

    I try to show my point of view. (sry for my english skill)
    Yeah Ubuntu is for the masses, but however different from other Os then people who switch to ubuntu must be assisted, well who can assist? The ideal is people that use ubuntu too, they know witch packages is in repository and witch not, witch is update and witch not….
    An ideal world is that everyone use ubuntu then most people know it secrets
    I used ubuntu (I still use it), and i still do it from years for this reason, I’ve installed it on many friend PCs then I know how to help they
    Another reason to use ubuntu is that is considered the standard linux distro and supported (guides, packages, suggestions) by the 90% of linux software…
    I like the idea behind ubuntu, to spread linux over the world by makind it usable by umans! then the impact of the os should be more soft than other distro…
    from some mounths I installed a second OS, ArchLinux, because I need a rolling release distro, I want the last packages in the repo the day that they are released, and I dont want to see jump between release like ubuntu.
    I think that arch is NOT for noob but if you know how to use it, is more poterful than ubuntu, this is a distro for pro…

    (ps: archlinux show the ok of success in blue)

    Maybe I’ve not answered to your question but btw I gave my point f view of the reason that people should use ubuntu or use it together a most powerful distro like me.


  2. christopherolah Says:

    Thanks for the response!

    In my opinion, and perhaps I wasn’t clear enough in my entry (I may go and revise it…), there is no need to create a separate distribution for advanced users. Ubuntu can include tools for advanced users without harming beginners. Needlessly splitting distributions only wastes energy. Additionally, as users advance it is silly for them to need to use a different distribution.


  3. Fabioamd87 Says:

    I don’t know what you mean with “wasting energies”
    linux is not a commercial prodouct many developer are volounteers

  4. christopherolah Says:

    By “wasting energy” I mean that, when a distro splits, certain boring tasks are duplicated. A prime example of this would be packaging: things would need to be packaged twice (some might be portable, but…). Now if someone genuinely enjoys packaging, more power to them; but they’d probably be equally happy packaging new packages…

    But we’re getting off topic. My point is that there is no need for advanced users to not use Ubuntu. It is perfectly possible for Ubuntu to be advanced-user-friendly.

    Consider an MS executive saying that Linux can’t be more user friendly than Windows because it has powerful features. Now consider the topic we’re discussing. At the heart of both statements is (in my opinion) is the same flawed belief that Beginner-Friendliness and advanced-user-friendliness can’t coexist.

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