My Baby Kernel, My Baby Kernel….

(About the title: I heard a certain commercial as I was writing it and couldn’t resist… Why do people insist on having TVs loud enough that I can clearly here it from another room?)

Over the Summer I got curious about all that low level stuff again (I was the previous Summer as well, that led to me designing a simple processor — read glorified 8-bit calculator that couldn’t divide — on paper). Someone at pointed me towards some resources and soon I making a kernel.

I implemented output (write to the terminal) and a tiny bit of memory management (just give pointers to sections of memory, note which ones you gave, unnote them — nothing to avoid memory fragmentation). I never got around to input, but I had a lot of fun. Here’s a screenshot (yes I’m obssesed with making things colourful — I’ve even played around with syntax highlighted math!):

Good resources are available at osdev, if you’re interested.



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