Ada Lovelace Day!

I just found out that it’s Ada Lovelace Day and about the “Finding Ada Pledge” wherein individuals write a post talking about women they know in CS/technology and how awesome they are to celebrate… how awesome they are!

The obvious person to talk about is Leigh Honeywell (hypatia, hypa7ia). After meeting so many awesome people in the last year at (which she is one of the founding members of!) I no longer have a clear metric of awesomeness — but making brain-computer interfaces out of children’s toys is definitely pretty high up there.

It seems relevant to mention that she’s involved in introducing girls to technology, through a UofT program. And she’s involved in introducing people to technology general. She was the one who lent me the book that got me started on fractals and showed me screen + irssi, which has become a staple tool for me.

(Update: It may be necessary to change her status to superhero: she has acquired magnetoception!)

There’s lots of other awesome women in technology that I’ve met through hacklab! Suzanne, who made a implementation of this mini-computer toy she had when she was younger — from an ardunio and lots of  shift registers. There’s SarahEm, who keeps doorbot alive (we’re grateful!).

There’s also Alex. She’s not strictly a `technology’ person — rather, she’s an artist. But she makes things that shoot big beams of fire into the sky and that’s awesome, so I had to mention her. And she taught me some cool arts stuff — book binding, knife sharpening, and print making…

Hurray! Women in technology! Happy Ada lovelace Day!


One Response to “Ada Lovelace Day!”

  1. Chad Says:

    hear, hear!

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