Changes to my blog…

No, this isn’t me announcing that I’m leaving wordpress. That’s coming some day — every post I write, I hate WordPress more, mostly for not being LaTeX — but not yet. This is simply me announcing some changes in how I plan to blog.

I’m going to start keeping track of how I spend my time and posting details to my blog. My hope is that the threat of humiliating myself at the end of the week will prevent me from wasting time. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while, but have been hesitating, primarily because I’m worried about being spammy.

Tonight I met Sacha Chua, who is somewhat famous for doing this sort of self-tracking on her blog (though perhaps with different motivations than myself), at Quantified Self. In any case, she’s persuaded me to go ahead, and generally not worry as much about what I post to my blog. That latter part is an important point: I think that being preoccupied with worrying about the quality of what I post is an impediment to me actually posting things. (Another thing that comes to mind on this topic is the Cult of Done Manifesto.)

So what can you expect from my blog in the future? More posts that aren’t formal essays or showing off a cool project, and, in particular, self-tracking posts.

And on that note, I’m not going to read over this post 10 more times. I’m just going to post it.


2 Responses to “Changes to my blog…”

  1. Sacha Chua Says:

    I’m glad to have nudged you. =) Paging through your past blog posts, I can’t see what you were worried about – you write well, and probably to a much more useful end than I do. I hope the encouragement helps you write more and post earlier. Good luck and have fun!

    I’ve resumed my time-tracking, curious about just how much “discretionary time” I can work with, and what really matters to me. Looking forward to sharing what I learn.

    • christopherolah Says:


      So far I’m being a bit unreliable with the time tracking… 😦 It’s been interesting none the less.

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