Week Review 1

So, I didn’t get off to the best start with the whole time tracking business this week. I only have 4 days of complete data, not really enough to go through the trouble of visualizing. Some observations:

  • A bit over 10 % of my time was wasted on entertainment junk. On the one hand, this was pushed up by the fact that a novel I’ve been wanting to read, Jim Butcher’s Ghost Story, was released — I read it in one sitting. On the other hand, I suspect it was in general lower than average, because I was conscious of that fact that my time usage would be publicly visible at the end of the week — that’s good since the main goal of this exercise is basically time management via threat of self-humiliation.
  • Got next to no ‘academic’ reading done.
  • I have an extremely inconsistent sleep pattern. It’s monophasic (work makes day naps tricky) but when I sleep varies a few hours in both directions, and I generally don’t get up as early as I’d like.
  • I frequently skip lunch (I hadn’t realized how often I was doing this!)
  • Not time related, but I’m fairly sure I haven’t been drinking enough water. I believe that several days of extreme tiredness were caused by this in the past week.

What did I accomplish in the last week?

  • Massive amount of work on extremely long and picture-filled upcoming blog post “The Real 3D Mandelbrot Set”. The writing is entirely done, but I’m trying to get nicer pictures of the actual fractal. I’ve been meaning to write this post for at least half a year, so I’m glad it is almost out of the way…
  • Attended hacklab open house.
  • Met with V- to work on our conlang project.
  • Worked on another (even more math based!) approach to CAD.
  • Worked on Python with B- (awesome 12 year-old who is interested in CS).

Not nearly as much as I wanted to. I blame tiredness.

To do:

  • (Saturday) Attend Haclab AGM
  • (Monday) Teach my Haskell workshop
  • (Tuesday) Hacklab open house
  • Finalize and post Mandelbrot blog post
  • Work on Calculus Series, Malthus, Implicit CAD
  • Follow up with S- on speak at TLUG (on 3D printing)
  • Follow up with D- about Malthus extruder
  • Buy fruit from market, follow up on getting rid of old books, junk

And off we go, for another week.

4 Responses to “Week Review 1”

  1. George G. Says:

    By “3d Mandelbrot Set” you mean Mandelbulb, or something else entirely?

    • christopherolah Says:

      Something else entirely. That’s why the title is “The Real 3D Mandelbrot Set” 🙂

      • George G. Says:

        You know, that’s a pretty sensational claim. Mandelbulb itself was a pretty big deal in a fractal artist community, but if you can do even better than that…

        My feelings: slightly incredulous, excited, a bit impatient.

        • christopherolah Says:

          Well, your impatience can be put to rest: I posted it last night. I hope it meets your expectations 🙂

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