Week Review 2

I failed even more miserably at time tracking this week, but I found the setting goals so useful I’m going to do it again. 🙂

Goals from last week:

  • (Saturday) Attend Haclab AGM
  • (Monday) Teach my Haskell workshop (notes)
  • (Tuesday) Hacklab open house
  • Finalize and post Mandelbrot blog post
  • Work on Calculus Series, Malthus, Implicit CAD
  • Follow up with S- on speak at TLUG (on 3D printing) I will be speaking in November. It’s also likely that I’ll be speaking at SoonCon.
  • Follow up with D- about Malthus extruder
  • Buy fruit from market, follow up on getting rid of old books, junk

Other things I did this week:

  • Wrote a simple parser for conlang project (doesn’t support recursive grammar yet)
  • Started reading The Dark Fields.
  • Work. It’s amazing how much energy 40 hours a week takes out of me. On the plus side, me being pulled in to work on a flurry of different projects has meant that this week I got my first experience with AJAX/JQuery, Ruby, and Rails. Exciting things are happening with ldnsx as well. And I had an excuse to do some LaTeX hacking on the job.

Goals for next week:

  • Work on Malthus, Implicit CAD
  • Follow up with D- about Malthus extruder
  • Buy fruit from market (again), follow up on getting rid of old books, junk
  • Finish reading Dark Fields
  • Finish post on Pascal’s Triangle
  • Get some algebraic topology reading done

Only one month of work left!

2 Responses to “Week Review 2”

  1. Sacha Chua Says:

    What’s getting in your way in terms of time tracking? =) Me, I found myself tracking sporadically until I switched to using an app on my PDA/phone. It also helped that I changed to a model of “always checked in, just switching tasks” – I feel more motivated to update it because I don’t want my time misclassified.

    My favourite tracking app is diverging from my use case, so I may try to convince the developer to add an option or send me a downgrade. (Or I’ll end up writing my own, I guess, which would also be cool.)

    • christopherolah Says:

      I keep forgetting to start in the morning. A few hours in I remember, but then I go “Oh, I’ve already ruined tracking for today. Why bother starting? I’ll do it tomorrow…” This has resulted in me not doing any tracking for the last five days 😦

      I think I’ll right a note and put it beside my bed tonight, so I’ll right away tomorrow.

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