Week Review 3

Despite getting almost none of the goals I set out at the beginning of this week done, I had a fairly productive week:

  •  Visited with family,
  •  worked on printable telescope, worked on implictCAD,
  •  did some reading. The only ‘academicy’ reading I really did was read Vernor Vinge’s essay on the Singularity.
  •  Applied to Maker Faire NYC as a Maker and Speaker (on programmatic CAD)
  •  Confirmed that I’ll be speaking at SoonCon.
  •  Got into the Site3 Silent Auction
  •  Prepared my 3D printed real components of nomials on the complex unit circle for the auction. Made a fancy acrylic mount.
  • Registered and rapidly configured colah.ca, based off of my irc/github/hacklab handle. I’m not really happy with the name, but I had a very little time to think of one. I may replace it later and I’m open to ideas for a short domain name.
  •  Made business cards. The only real point of interest here is that I put the subtitle “Hacker & Mathematician”. Obviously it can only be given to cluefull groups with my use use of the word hacker. My real concern is whether it is appropriate to describe myself as a mathematician. Certainly, I spend a great deal of my time doing math (though more applied as of late), but am I mathematician? I usually describe myself as an “amateur mathematician”, but when I was making a resume several friends strongly recommended that I not put that on, and I figure that also applies here…

Looking forward: Only 2 and a bit weeks of work left. Maker Faire NYC is less than a month away. I may be speaking. I need to have implicitCAD done by then. I’d also like to finish the 3D printable telescope and laser chess by then.

Breath in, breath out.

Also, I have the ‘interesting’ parts of implicitCAD worked out (yay smoothed CSG! Yay curve tracing! Yay envelopes!) which only leaves the boring parts (implementing marching cubes), which is probably also going to be the hardest part. 😦

On the bright side, I find myself filled with energy looking back on the last week (especially my Friday night of massive productivity) and forward to the next. Today is a great day to be alive!

This week in pictures:

We had some really pink skys last week!

S- made awesome blinkey things!

S- made awesome blinkey things!

My 3D printed mirror got shinier! But not enough 😦

My Contribution to the Site 3 silent auction.

My Contribution to the Site 3 silent auction.

At Site 3, someone was working with chainmail!

And people spun fire!

And people spun fire!

There's a sunflower growing through the sidewalk near my house!

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