Week Review 4

Another Review!

What I did in the last week:

  • Attended Hacklab’s open house
  • Worked on Python with B- (loops seem to have really clicked for him; yay!)
  • Visited N- & Friends at his Unpatched Friday
  • Dinner with Mom
  • Published post on Pascal’s Triangle
  • Finished reading The Dark Fields
  • Made progress on 3D printed laser chess
  • Did a week of work

I did do some self-tracking this week. Thanks to S- for poking me on this! I’ll do some analysis at some point.

Only 2 more weeks of work!


It their recent editorial, Mr. Garfunkel and Prof. Mumford posit, “The traditional high school math sequence is not the only road to mathematical competence.” I must respectfully disagree, not because I believe their alternative won’t lead to the ‘competence’ typical education achieves (in fact, I think it would likely be a step up), but because what we presently achieve can not honestly be called mathematical competence.

I don’t say this because high schools are failing to produce students who can multiply fractions (though they are), but because they are failing to produce students who understand why they are doing what they do, or even believe that they ought to. These students don’t do mathematics, the do voodoo mathematics, following an arbitrary, memorized sequence of rules.

  • Write next post in You Already Know Calculus
  • Finish my explanation of the math behind Implicit CAD
  • Finish 3D printed laser chess
  • Work on 3D printed telescope
  • Work on Implicit CAD
  • Work on Malthus

This Week in Pictures

We had a really big storm. This picture doens't caputer it at all!

With regulars at Burning Man and other very busy, the lab was often empty this week.

I've been slacking on the geurilla garden a bit... It's doing so-so.

I tried to take a picture of this racoon. Didn't really suceed, but I seemed to really scare him/her. Sorry!

Apparently, someone lost quite the rug!


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