3D Printing Awesome Things (SoOnCon 2011 Talk)

I was rather nervous about giving my 1 hour SoOnCon talk, 3D Printing Awesome Things, especially after how my NYC Maker Faire talk went. Apparently I’d learned a lot from my NYC Maker Faire talk, and it went awesome! You can see my slide show.

The talk was mostly about interesting tricks I’d seen or come up with for printing awesome things, with examples of applications. I passed around dozens of examples. I actually only spoke for about forty minutes, leaving the last 20 for other people to share things that they’d seen or done themselves.

Many interesting things came out of the ensuing conversation. The ones that come to mind are:

  • cyclone’s Filament Colorizer
  • machinable wax as a medium for casting
  • Brainstorming for ways to print conductive parts. It’s not my area of expertise so I don’t know if any of these ideas are novel, but they’re interesting regardless. My notes from this are:
    • Solder paste (modified): Inject, reflow (heated platform?)
    • Acetone + silver
    • Conductive Ink

After a talk, a number of people told me that it was good, which was really comforting. I felt like it went well, but hearing people who sat through it agree was great! I was particularly touched by the person who told me that they hadn’t been using their spaces printer because they didn’t like the texture of printed objects, but would now that they’d seen the different post-processing techniques I use.

I feel like the success of this talk was partly due to it being a much easier and less technical topic than the Maker Faire one, me being a little bit less sleep deprived, but also simply that I’ve got better at giving talks having. Having physical examples to pass around was an awesome strategy, as well.

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