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Europe Trip (Summer 2011)

January 2, 2013

Last summer (2011), I had an opportunity to go to Europe and jumped at the chance: we went to Paris in celebration of my sister’s 16th birthday, and I stayed behind for a while longer and traveled around by train. I’ve had a draft post about it floating around for a while, and, well, now I’m finishing and posting it.


September Review: Maker Faire, Casting, Lasers & More

October 3, 2011

September Started with my final week and a half at Xelerance. It was kind of bitter-sweet: I’ll miss working there, but I was also ready to move on. Alaina got back form Singularity University. It sounds so awesome! She showed us the telepresence robot she’s making:

Alaina, her robot, and me.


Week Review 4

August 30, 2011

Another Review!


Week Review 3

August 23, 2011

Despite getting almost none of the goals I set out at the beginning of this week done, I had a fairly productive week: (more…)

Week Review 2

August 13, 2011

I failed even more miserably at time tracking this week, but I found the setting goals so useful I’m going to do it again. 🙂


Week Review 1

August 6, 2011

So, I didn’t get off to the best start with the whole time tracking business this week. I only have 4 days of complete data, not really enough to go through the trouble of visualizing. Some observations: (more…)