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Reflections on Magnetic Fingernails

August 9, 2010

Yesterday, my last magnetic fingernail came off. (You can see Leigh apply them here.) I’d worn it for a month, give or take a few days.

When I put it on, it felt very odd — I’d tap my fingernail on something and the bump on it would be the only thing that touched and if  I put my finger near something magnetic or ferromagnetic, there was a slight tug or push on my finger nail. It’s a very different sensation since the generally outward force is centred at the middle of the nail.

However, I think having it off feels even more odd. The texture of my nail isn’t smooth acrylic polymer. There’s no more bump. There’s no more tug when I set my fingernail against metal. And when I reflexively tap my fingernail to my metal keychain (like I did a few minutes ago) or change (only some coins are ferromagnetic, and not necessarily all of the same kind have the same composition) to pick it up, my hand is the only thing that rises.

It’s remarkable how the human mind adapts.

Oh, and I never ruined any credit cards!