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ImplicitCAD 0.0.1 Release

February 6, 2012

I’m pleased to announce the second release of ImplicitCAD: 0.0.1. (The first release was 0.0.0 because 0 is the true first ordinal.)

Variable Twist Extrusion of a Rounded Union in ImplicitCAD

The point of this release is somewhat arbitrarily chosen. We were over due for one and no clean break was in sight. Then I woke up with a nasty headache and couldn’t seem to code, so I thought I’d do a release instead.

I’m going to try and martial together my thoughts and discuss changes in this release and what’s coming up. The TL;DR is that ImplicitCAD is going exciting places and if you are willing to tolerate bugs and file bug reports, you should become a beta user for it.



NYC Maker Faire Talk: Programmatic CAD

September 22, 2011

In addition to running a booth at Maker Faire this weekend, I gave a talk on programmatic CAD and its future.

My only public speaking experience prior to this was doing was doing workshops at hacklab and presentations to my classmates in high school and while this was a non-trivial amount of practice (in grade 10, I ended up teaching two semesters of the physics course I was taking in the form of seminars every class because the teacher didn’t know anything) it was all small scale (at max 15 people), highly interactive and mostly improvised on the spot. In other words, nothing at all like speaking at NYC Maker Faire.


Extending OpenSCAD

March 28, 2011

OpenSCAD with Syntax Highlighting

There have always been a number of feature missing from openSCAD that frustrated me. So, on Friday, I pulled the source code from it and started hacking on it.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that most of the openSCAD source code is well written and easy to modify. It helped that I had worked in C++ with the QT libraries before. (more…)

Hacklab Reprap Coolness 2

January 24, 2011

So what’s happened since my last post on the Hacklab RepRap? Quite a lot.


Hacklab RepRap Coolness

January 9, 2011
Prusa Vertex vs New (hacklab) Vertex

Prusa Vertex vs New (hacklab) Vertex

A couple months ago, myself and some other hacklabers branched the Prusa Mendel RepRap and started working on it. I wanted to post about a cool feature Rob and me have been working on.