One of my (very weird) hobbies is writing textbooks. This page exists to provide access to them. I hope that someone can find a use for them. Any feedback on them would be very much appreciated.

UPDATE: I’m finally admitting these are abandoned. Some day I’d like to write a math textbook, but for now it isn’t really my priority. For context, these were mostly written way back when I was in grade 10.

Math (download pdf)

A math textbook covering a wide variety of grades. This version is rather out of date, as I work on the next revision. For the working draft, write me at christopherolah.co@gmail.com with the topic “math textbook”.

Electricity and Magnetism
A electricity and magnetism textbook for high school to early university level students.

Now, having a better understanding of the subject than when I wrote this, I can see numerous flaws. It will be reworked…. eventually.


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